Thinkware U1000 vs Iroad X10 

A dash cam, or dashboard camera, has become increasingly popular over the past few years particularly because of its numerous benefits. This is a type of camera that is mounted on the dashboard of your car, and it is designed to record sounds and images while you are driving. Recently, these cameras are widely used all around the world by regular drivers, driving instructors, taxi and bus drivers, police officers and so on.


An important function of these cameras is the fact that they can be easily coupled with a different on-board technologies, such as recorders and GPS devices. The purpose of the dash cam is to carefully record every detail that takes place both on the road and inside the car, and it can be used for a variety of purposes.

On the market, you can easily find a lot of dashcam with different brands and models. Each of them has specific functions which may confused you. Through this article, we will narrow down the dashcam  by comparing two models, which are Thinkware U1000 and Iroad X10.

Thinkware U1000

The THINKWARE U1000 Dual Channel Dash Cam features 4K Ultra HD at 30FPS with the front camera or 2K Quad HD at 60FPS with the rear camera using a 156-degree viewing angle and front with a 150 degree lens view. This is especially helpful when trying to read license plates from a distance. Read also: Celestron Astro Fi 102 vs 130.

It has a new Sony STARVIS Image sensor for an improved Night Vision mode, which reduces noise and enhances image quality in low-light conditions. The camera itself is also small and stealthy, which helps you blend in on the road. While most cameras have some sort of a parking mode, the U1000 takes it to the next level with an energy saving mode. The camera goes into a sleep mode until the car detects impact. Once it records 20 seconds of footage, the camera shuts off again to save power, letting the camera last longer when the car is parked. This is a good option to save power, however you may not capturing the full moment because the camera only starts recording after the initial impact.

 Thinkware U1000Iroad X10 
Product Dimensions2.6 x 4.3 x 1.4 inches
8.19 x 4.69 x 4.29 inches
Shipping Weight1.8 pounds
1.37 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
  • U1000 RADAR

With the optional radar mode that’s sold separately, the camera is able to detect movement up to ten seconds before an event and it will record the twenty seconds after the initial radar sensor triggers movement. This way the camera records the whole event instead of just after the initial impact, giving you more coverage and added security. If the radar senses an impact and it turns out to be a false alarm, the camera does not save the video, leaving you with more SD card space.


Thinkware has also released an app Thinkware Cloud, which allows you check your vehicles’ location and receive notifications directly on your compatible iOS or Android smartphone. This app works on almost every other Thinkware model as well. From this app, you can view and play recorded videos, download the latest firmware to the device, configure the dash camera settings, manage wifi settings and hotspot connections, and use the Live View feature. 


  • X10 Front & Rear Camera

The X10 front unit sports a wedge design that resembles the Thinkware Q800PRO. You will find four slots on the top of the main unit. These slots are used for sliding and locking the dash cam on to the mounting plate. The mounting plate is securely held to the windshield by a 3M adhesive strip, and the dash cam locks onto the mounting plate with a secure, wiggle-free connection. This setup offers easier and more convenient access to camera, including installation and removal.

The X10 shares the same rear camera as the X9. This means if you currently have the X9 and are thinking about upgrading to the X10, you can reuse your existing rear camera and cable setup. The rear camera is equipped with a 2MP Sony Exmor image sensor, capturing the back of the car in Full HD at 145° field of view.

  • Heat Control

IROAD dash cams are really popular amongst users in hot tropical climates like Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries and one of the reasons is IROAD dash cams are built to be extremely heat resistant. The X10’s operating temperature range is -20° to 70 Celsius, and it can handle a humidity index of 95%. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s hot as Florida or Arizona, humid as Iowa or Alabama, or hot and humid as Louisanna or Texas, you’re in good hands with the IROAD X10.

  • H.265 (HEVC) Efficient Video Compression

Just like all the other 4K dash cams, the IROAD X10 offers High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265). HEVC is crucial because 4K video files are typically larger in size, and HEVC allows for a compressed file size without compromising the quality of the video. Unfortunately, the X10 does not offer the option to switch between H.265 and the standard H.264.

The X10 comes with a free IROAD mobile app that you can download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app is quick to respond and allows the user to change features such as time, parking mode and sensitivity settings. The live view stream is excellent with hardly any lag between what was picked up by the camera to the phone screen. Perhaps it’s also because the IROAD does not offer any Cloud features so what you’re left with is an app that looks more user-friendly. Just like many of the current dashcams on the market, you are also able to connect the X10 directly to the computer using the IROAD Desktop Viewer.

Thinkware U1000 vs Iroad X10 

-【4K UHD 30FPS or 2K QHD 60FPS】Capture sharp detailed footage in 4K native UHD or switch to 2K QHD at 60fps to make license plate reading a breeze with the new and improved 8 42MP Sony STARVIS image sensor
-【150-degree Viewing Angle】Uncompromised video coverage with the 150-degree viewing angle so you never miss a moment
-【Super Night Vision】Reduces noise and enhances image quality in low-light conditions
-【Anti-file Corruption Technology】Improves the reliability of your Think ware memory card by minimizing the risk of loss footage due to bad blocks and data corruption
- 4K UHD 2-Channel Dash Cam - 4X as many pixels as Full HD. License plates can be made out more clearly and from further away.
- Wide Viewing Angle - 165° front the front and 140° from the rear, provides a combined 310° full coverage of the road.
- Memory Efficient Time Lapse Parking Mode - Continuous recording at 1 fps, optimized for efficient memory usage to guarantee vehicle protection and video footage.
- Built for Hot Climates - Built to endure extreme temperatures from -30°C to 90°C (-22°F to 194°F), perfect for hot summer days.


Afterall, we can say that the Thinkware U1000 is the best dashcam to buy with its specifications and price which is value for money.

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