Skywatcher Star Adventurer vs Mini

Which star tracker do you have? Or it is your first time with start tracker? You come to the right place to know more about start tracker! In this review, we will start with famous star tracker which is skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope). Skywatcher Star Adventurer vs Mini (telescope) are star tracker for astrophotography that has each benefit. Before we jump to skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope) comparison, let’s take a closer look of skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope) so you will know which will work best for your astrophotography need.

Skywatcher Star Adventurer

Skywatcher Star Adventurer is categorized as heavy-duty star tracking models. Because it has specs that can handle heavy camera with up to 11 lbs telephoto lens. It is the ideal mount for users who use a full frame camera. The Star Adventurer equipped with AA batteries which will be able to run for 72 hours, besides it has mini-USB that you can use to power the unit. The Star Adventurer has the Alt-Az base that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the unit. It has effective fine adjustments for the altitude and azimuth polar axis. The full range cover from 0-90 degrees makes it easy and quick to switch the horizontal or vertical panning modes. Star Adventurer also has clutch mechanism that makes your camera mount has very secure setup.

The Star Adventurer is capable for tracking sidereal, solar, and lunar with automatic DSLR shutter release control. This is also built-in with create time-lapse videos. Even this unit is considered as heavy-duty mount but actually it is highly portable so you can take it anywhere. Read also: Celestron EdgeHD vs XLT.

When you are doing astrophotography, the biggest factor for your decision to have a star tracker is weight limits. It is because for the best result you can have, if your camera gear is more than the weight limit of your tracker, the tracker cannot handle the amount of weight. So, how to find a proper weight for your astrophotography experiences? First you have to know the weight of the camera you use. Then, you have to understand how much your Star Tracker weight limit. The most astrophotographers recommend to use ½ of the weight limit. If you give too much weight limit or even use the weight limit listed, it will give the star tracker problem with tracking. The weight limit of Star Adventurer itself is 11lbs so you might keep your total camera below 5 or 6.

 Skywatcher Star AdventurerSkywatcher Star Adventurer Mini
Product Dimensions25 x 18 x 11 inches
6 x 6 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight4.45 pounds
1.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Skywatcher Mini

Skywatcher Mini also known as SAM is categorized as lightweight models. Its specs will work well with lightweight camera setups for 4lbs or less. If you use a smaller camera and don’t need heavier capacity like Star Adventurer, the Skywatcher Mini is better choice. It is equipped with two AA batteries which will be able to run for 24 hours besides it has micro-USB cable to power the unit. The Mini version of Star Adventurer does not have automatic shutter control, so you must install each time you shoot. Thus, it is a very easy process even if it does not have built-in polar scope. You only need slide the polar scope into its slot and its ready to use.

Meanwhile Skywacther Mini does not have clutch system like its bigger Star Adventurer. However, it has a simple two-screw system that enough to keeps camera mount from rotating. This version of Skywatcher also has free companion app for Android and IOS. It has a built-in polar clock so you can get ultra-precise alignments. Skywatcher Mini is much easier use than its bigger counterpart. This unit equipped with Wi-Fi so once you turn it on will broadcasts on its own Wi-Fi network and you can connect it to your smartphone and control your Mini with its free app through smartphone. The app itself has features such as control basic star-tracking and intervalometer for time lapse.

The apps has three separate time lapse mode such as Astro time lapse that allow you track the starts for the duration of the exposure then repositions back to the start, Regular time lapse that used to add panning motion to daytime time lapse, and the last is long exposure time-lapse that can be used during the day or night.

Skywatcher Star Adventurer vs Mini

After we take a closer look from skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope), lets jump to brief comparison of both unit so you can decide which one is best for your personal need.

The Skywatcher Features

skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope) has the same function as sky tracker and astrophotography. The main different of each unit is its duty, the Star Adventurer is for full frame camera with weight limit 11lbs while its Mini version for lighter payload capacity with 6.6lbs that ideal for APS-C camera and a wide-angle lens. Both of unit offer loads of feature to help you create shots of the night sky.

Polar Scope

To help you find Polaris and an accurate polar alignment, you need a good polar scope. skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope) both have included polar scope but for the Star Adventurer Mini its still need installation each night meanwhile for the Star Adventurer is built-in.

Ease of Use

Both units are highly portable that make easy to carry, handle, and simple set up. You can do astrophotography in short order especially for you who don’t have much or any experience.  However, Skywatcher Mini much more easier that its bigger counterpart as it has Wi-Fi and free app to control the unit through a smartphone.

The Price

According to the internet price from Amazon, there are several packages for Skywatcher Star Adventurer that start from $319.00 – $415.00 and for Mini version start from $249.00-$380.00. With the cutting-edge technology and helpful feature that will help you getting clear shots, the prices are affordable.


Another consideration to purchase skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope) is the design. The Star Adventurer is a big, bulky, and clunky star tracker. The Star Adventurer Mini is a small, compact with simple design.

Extra Features

The Skywatcher Star Adventurer Mini has three timelapse modes with Console App. The Skywatcher Star Adventurer has some timelapse options built in but more difficult to use.

Camera Mount

The camera mount of skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope) is slightly different. The Star Adventurer has clutch system that allows you to tighten the entire camera mount and have very secure setup. Meanwhile, Mini only have simple screws which keeps the camera mount from rotating.

- PORTABLE NIGHTSCAPE TRACKING PLATFORM: Motorized portable tracking platform perfect for capturing incredible detail of the Milky Way
- BUILT-IN ILLUMINATED POLAR FINDERSCOPE: The included illuminated polar finderscope allows for easy and accurate alignment with Polaris.
- BUILT-IN AA BATTERY COMPARTMENT: The built-in AA battery compartment provides reliable mobile power for up to 72 hours
- SUPPORTS MOST DSLR CAMERA: 11 pound payload capacity.
- PORTABLE NIGHTSCAPE TRACKING PLATFORM: Motorized portable nightscape tracking platform perfect for capturing incredible detail of the Milky Way
- ATTACH ANY BALL HEAD: Easily mount any ball-head using the included ball-head adapter.
- RUGGED BRASS AND ALUMINUM GEARS: Rugged brass and aluminum gears provide smooth, motorized, night sky tracking for easy, portable nightscape and eclipse photography.


After taking a closer look and comparison between skywatcher star adventurer vs mini (telescope), now you can decide which is more suitable for you and your camera. The feature of both units are easy to use for beginner and has excellent mount result. If you do not need full frame camera, it is perfect for you with the Skywatcher Star Adventurer Mini with cheaper price. 

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