Skywatcher Star Adventurer vs iOptron SkyGuider Pro

Sometimes when buying a telescope or camera, we forget about their mounting and tripod which often lead to unpleasant experiences. Especially for astrophotography, we need a robust and reliable mounting such as Skywatcher Star Adventurer Vs iOptron SkyGuider Pro which are not only sturdy but also easy to use and a must in your application. If these mounts look interesting to you, let’s see what each one of them can offer so then you can decide wisely about which match your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Star Tracker & Why do You Need It
  • What are Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro
  • What Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro Look Like
  • How are the Usage of Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro
  • What are the Features of Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro
  • How are the Experience With Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro
  • Skywatcher Star Adventurer Vs iOptron SkyGuider Pro

Star Tracker

We are living in a tiny place inside this wide universe but it doesn’t subside our curiosity of what’s out there. It has been long known that the night sky is often romanticized due to its beauty as you can view various celestial objects with naked eyes but our eyes can only see so much without any help which is why we have telescopes invented to bring those far away seems closer. Nowadays, not only to observe we also took pictures of those objects with our camera to document it.

Photography itself is a very popular hobby nowadays with lots of new beginners and enthusiasts joining the scene but astrophotography itself is a great combination of both astronomy and photography which results in beautiful images of galaxies, clusters, or planets that you admire. What makes it unique and probably has a different struggle than the common still image capturing process is because now we are racing against time to capture as much subtle starlight as possible before they trail off of our range.

This is because our object is not still and controllable as the Earth moves and putting limitations on what you can capture which is why the camera itself has to be reliable, super-fast, with wide angle lenses and high ISO values to be able to capture all details possible. While our camera and its lens are the crucial and main part of the action, there is another gear we need to have in order to bridge this limitation and it is called a star tracker.

This is essentially a camera mount and may have different names but have the same function which is to allow a scope to automatically track objects in the night sky without the user having to manually do the work and keeping the object in your eyepiece. If you are familiar with astronomy and have telescopes before, the mechanism is the same as regular motorized mount so they have a preset system that will move at the same speed as the Earth yet, in the opposite direction.

Just like your regular telescope mount we will need to align the scope with the Earth’s axis or doing polar alignment first; this used to be complicated especially for beginners but nowadays we have smart devices that can assist the process almost in an instant. They are not a tripod and often sold separately with the attachments or accessories needed. They have a very robust built to be able to sustain your scope weight so it is necessary to choose based on what you will be using in the setup.

 Skywatcher Star Adventurer iOptron SkyGuider Pro
Product Dimensions13.9 x 9.6 x 6.3 inches
12 x 12 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight7 pounds
4.45 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro

Star trackers may not be very familiar for the majority of people but their amount is continuously rising as more people are taking interest in the hobby and it is great since now we can choose from the vast options to see which fits our application the most. Prices usually reflect well in star tracker or camera mounting because good quality products need good quality material and well-thought design as well, which often is not going to be cheap.

But, if you are willing to spend some time browsing among those collections, we are sure there are many good products that will not cost so much yet, if you don’t have much time, we can always shop based on the budget. Talking about star tracker, two names that you will always find on recommendation lists are Skywatcher and iOptron. These brands are very popular with their varying range of mounting. 

They do have lots of great trackers in the catalog depending on which meets your budget and preference better but among those highly rated mounts, Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro are going to be two reliable options to consider. Both of them are on the same range of mid-end tracker which are highly rated due to the performance and ease of use but they are also not identical despite in general the two are equally good options.

Just like any mount, there are pros and cons of these Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro. Our favorite part is they are reliable and can sustain quite much so you can have more options on what to mount and overall what you can do on the former is also possible on the latter, making any options similarly convenient but, personally we prefer the Adventurer for certain reasons that we will talk below.  

Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these trackers are pretty much similar to each other and what you see there is a full assembly of both models but depending on which package we purchase, the amount of attachment or accessories will be different as well. For example the more affordable package of them both will not include the declination bracket inside so if you will be installing them in equatorial style, make sure to also purchase the add-on.

Side by side the motorized part is about the same size but Adventurer seems slightly larger in comparison but for the built quality, these two are just amazing, they are compact but very sturdy and robust without feeling flimsy at all which is great as they are marketed to be able to sustain 5 kilograms of weight. They come as mounting only so if you don’t have a tripod yet, we can actually mount them on almost any type of standard tripod. 

They do need some light assembly before being able to be used but it only took some time to finish. Overall they are the same in terms of design and you can find either ports, control, as well as the mechanism on bothe but the details can be different. Read also: Skywatcher AZ GTI Vs Star Adventurer.

Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro Usage

In terms of usage both Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro are pretty much the same and we can mount either camera or telescope as long as the main device doesn’t exceed the maximum weight limit of the mount. If you want to put heavier device, we do recommend using a declination bracket including the counterweight especially, to make sure the large scope is balanced perfectly. Similarly, we can adjust the rotational and latitude of the mount with securing pin and fine adjustment.

As long as you have the correct accessories, basically we can’t mount anything on these trackers and the method to adjust alignment is the same in both models. If you are going to use heavier scopes, it is better to purchase the higher package to cut the time on finding each accessory separately.

Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro Features

Moving to the feature part, what makes Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro convenient is the finder which is built-in the unit but for the SkyGuider, this version actually has two variants in which one is electric and the latter is analog. This difference lets you connect the finder into a computer or laptop to align the mount but in the analog model, there is a scope inside the mount protected with caps on both sides for manual adjustment.

They are working the same but the electronic one is more convenient as you can see it more clearly on the computer screen rather than directly from the optic. Star Adventurer also carries this finder but in an analog model which is why you can save some by skipping the external finder. Overall, they are like the smaller version of your finder extension but works the same. Besides finder, you can also attach a guide on the mount through their dedicated port.

Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro Performance 

As for the user experience, we do think Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro are equally good and if you have one of them already, the other will almost like the same unit but have different color. The electronic finder does offer a different experience however and while it can be less convenient in a sense as you need to add cable and computer, it is easier to see from the bigger screen than manually. In addition, we also prefer the control on Star Adventurer. 

This is since the knob makes it easier for adjustment and mode options and while the buttons with indicator light of SkyGuider Pro is comfortable to press and distinguish, in comparison we do think it is far less user friendly. 

Skywatcher Star Adventurer vs iOptron SkyGuider Pro

Both of these trackers are very reliable and work nicely to help you track the object across the sky automatically and they can be battery powered for best convenience when you are traveling. We pick the SkyGuider with its electronic finder but you can find the one without an iPolar as well. They have the same payload, upgradeable with different accessories and used in the same manner. What’s different is the control and user experience itself because we prefer the rotating knob as it is more user friendly.

- PORTABLE NIGHTSCAPE TRACKING PLATFORM: Motorized portable tracking platform perfect for capturing incredible detail of the Milky Way, eclipses and other astronomical objects.
- EQUATORIAL BASE: Deluxe Equatorial base helps position the Star Adventurer at the perfect angle for polar alignment.
- BUILT-IN ILLUMINATED POLAR FINDERSCOPE: The included illuminated Polar finderscope allows for easy and accurate alignment with Polaris.
- RUGGED BRASS AND ALUMINUM GEARS: Using rugged brass and aluminum gears provide smooth, motorized, night sky tracking for easy, portable nightscape and eclipse photography.
- Full package, will all accessories and padded carry bag
- All metal mechanical structure
- Payload 11 lbs (5kg) (balanced, with DEC mounting bracket, exclude CW)
- iPolarTM electronic polar scope (installed)


Since there is no bad option between the two, you can choose any model that fits in your setup the most but between the two, if cost and reliability are two most important factors then we will recommend the Star Adventurer in Astro or Photo pack.

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