Orion Starblast 6 vs Skyquest XT6

The sky is the best place to view amazing objects. You can see various kinds of natural beauty that are difficult to describe in words when looking at the sky full of stars. To be able to enjoy this view, you can choose the time at night to get the maximum view of the sky. For those of you who want to explore astronomy, this is an obligation that you must do.

To be able to explore the scenery in the vast sky you need the help of special equipment. You can choose to use a telescope which can help you see celestial objects more clearly. You will not be able to see clearly what is in the sky there if you only use the naked eye. Therefore, the presence of telescopes is eagerly awaited by hunters for the beauty of the sky.

The question is can you get a telescope easily? Of course you can because now many companies present various kinds of telescope products according to your needs. Only at an affordable price, you can get a telescope of high quality. All you have to do is find the best brand that offers quality products.

You will find many telescope products on the market. No need to be confused, you can try to have a telescoping product from the Orion brand, this brand point has many telescope products that come with various prices according to the features and technology it offers. You can try Orion Starblast 6 and Orion Skyquest XT6 products if you want to enjoy the night sky to the fullest.

Both of these products will give you amazing catches when you are exploring the sky. Both of which allow you to be used to find certain objects in the sky. So you can fulfil what you want with these two products. Then which one will be your best friend to explore the sky? Find your style below.

Orion Starblast 6

As one of the popular products from Orion, you only need to spend about 350 dollars for this product. At an affordable price, you can already get a telescope with a focal length of 750 MM. The ratios given will impress you when you look at the moons, planets, nebula galaxies and other celestial bodies. With a sleek and portable design, this product is suitable for carrying anywhere. Read also: ORION ATLAS EQ-G Vs SKYWATCHER EQ6-R.

Starblast 6 has a sturdy altazimuth table stand that will help you to be able to move the telescope easily up to 360 movements. This stand is equipped with knobs that will help you adjust the tension of the movement to lock the holder when you find the object you want. Why the navigation on the tube will help you to slew up and down more stably.

 Orion Starblast 6Skyquest XT6
Product Dimensions31.9 x 21.3 x 19.3 inches
48.7 x 16.3 x 13.6 inches
Shipping Weight23.6 pounds
20.1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Starblast 6 has two eyepieces provided out of the box. These eyepieces can make you do 30 and 75 times magnification according to their abilities. You will see objects more clearly through this feature. Sirius Plossl 25mm and 10mm are the reasons why you can do this.

Starblast 6 is very easy for you to carry around with a weight of 10.65 kg. With a smaller tube, this product contributes to the production of a telescope that is lightweight, small and compact. So that this product becomes one of the best 6-inch telescopes that you can use to make observations of distant places.

The Starblast 6 is even more complete with a parabolic objective lens made of identical low thermal expansion borosilicate glass. Supported with an aluminium and silicon dioxide coating, this lens can reduce optical glare. This feature can also be useful to reduce photon loss which is useful for producing better images.

Orion Skyquest XT6

This product is being offered for almost 400 dollars. This price is following the quality and capacity of this product. Product designs weighing up to 15.6 kg make this product feel stronger. Besides, this product also has a larger focal length, so this product is perfect for those of you who want to explore the sky in a wider yard.

The Skyquest XT6 has a focal length of 1200mm. With an amazing f / 8 focus ratio this product can let you enjoy larger images. Each resulting image is less distorted so you can see planets and other celestial bodies more easily. You can enjoy a more perfect view of the sky full of stars, planets, galaxy nebula, and other objects.

Skyquest XT6 comes with Dobsonian technology. This technology is the most cost-effective yet very beginner-friendly stand. With strong premium wood, this product can hold a 45.5-inch tube stably. This stand is reinforced with the Correx Tension friction service system to assist you in controlling movement and also balancing the pointed tube so you can avoid drift or slip during observation.

Skyquest XT6 is equipped with a navigation knob at the top of the tube. With this knob, you can find the target more easily and also the control of the tube becomes more flexible. This telescope is not a handheld telescope so you will need to do some setup before operating it. However, this product can be operated very easily.

The Skyquest XT6 is supported with one Sirius Plossl 25mm eyepiece. Lens This is an eyepiece that will provide a magnification boost of up to 48 times. With this feature, you can see any object more clearly. Complete with a reflector design equipped with a 6-inch parabolic objective lens, this product will provide better image quality. The point lens is coated with aluminium and silicon dioxide to reduce optical glare for optimal reduction of photon loss.

Orion Starblast 6 vs Skyquest XT6

- A fun, capable, and simple point-and-view tabletop reflector telescope popular among both beginners and seasoned astronomers thanks to its ease of use and versatile performance
- Substantial 6" aperture reflector optics reveal good detail on the planets and Moon, as well as bright deep-sky objects such as nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters
- Compact tabletop design gives the StarBlast 6 reflector great grab-and-go portability - weighs just 23.5 lbs.
- The sturdy StarBlast 6 reflector base arrives pre-assembled in the box for hassle-free set-up
- Perhaps the best beginner Dobsonian reflector telescope you can buy - big 6" aperture at an amazing price
- A beginner may use a 60mm telescope for a few months or years before deciding they need to upgrade to a better telescope - a 6" Dobsonian will give you a lifetime of wonderful views
- Simple navigation and no need to polar align makes this Dobsonian reflector telescope extremely ease to use for the whole family
- The 6" diameter f/8 parabolic mirror is fantastic for Moon and planetary views, and also has enough light grasp for deep-sky viewing of nebulas, galaxies, and star clusters


Do you know which one is the best? The winner of the two product reviews is the Orion Skyquest XT6. This telescope is capable of producing clearer images than Skyblast 6. Even though it only has one eyepiece, this product manages to capture objects in the sky more optimally. With a stronger seat, this product lasts longer and is easier to manage. But if you want a portable telescope that can be taken anywhere, then you can have the Orion Skyblast 6.

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