Orion Atlas vs Skywatcher EQ6

Do you love astrophotography things? If yes, then you will need some serious mount to get the best pictures. In astrophotography, the goal is to capture lock onto the sky so that you will get the best pictures from it. With the Orion Atlas and Skywatcher EQ6, you will have less worry to struggle that things.

This time we will bring you closer to the Orion Atlas and Skywatcher EQ6 as the famous brand for the astrophotography equipment. Let’s take a closer look at them, so we can decide which one has the best functions for you. Check them out below!

Orion Atlas

The Orion Atlas is kind of a heavy-duty type of mount which can help you to get a sky shot with amazing features. It has a tripod full ample strength which can support up to 40 lbs of weight. It is perfect to hold all of the equipment loads and very easy to manage for visual looks or astrophotography into the sky. Read also: Celestron Firstscope vs Orion Funscope.

The Orion Atlas has a 42,900 of select celestial objects in the sky. You can explore the sky from the planets, stars, the moon, or the galaxy. Connect it with your computer so that you can enjoy your capture with the intuitive menus. The Go-To hand controller will help you to easier the way you look.

The internal DC stepper motors from the Orion Atlas offers nine slew rates. It is ranging from 2x up to 800x sidereal. You can also be tracking the spot with the three rates system on it. They are sidereal, lunar, and solar system tracking. Every side of them can be used easily without needing any effort.

 Orion Atlas Skywatcher EQ6
Product Dimensions45 x 33 x 11 inches
25 x 21 x 12 inches
Shipping Weight76 pounds
40 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The Orion Atlas features with the CCD auto guider jack with 54 lbs of weighs. This means it can help you to attach the view within any longer than before. Without counterweight attached, it can be used for as long as you want. Besides, with this lightweight, you can easily move from one place to another.

The Orion Atlas completes with the illuminates polar-axis scope system. It has an easy polar alignment, 13 inches of dovetail mounting plate, two of 11 lbs counterweighs, 12 volts dc power cable, RS-232 cable, and some require external. These accessories will help you to optimize the operation of capturing the sky’s view.

The dimension of the Orion Atlas is about 45 x 33 x 11 inches and 76 lbs of weight. This mount completes and offers a lot of features and technologies but the price still comes reasonably. It starts from US$1,399 sell on Amazon.

Skywatcher EQ6

Skywatcher EQ6 is a kind of mount among astrophotographers’ choice that becomes so favorable brand in the market. It comes with the computer setting and equatorial tracking mount. It has a larger database on this mount and great rotation to explore the sky.

The large panel on the Skywatcher EQ6 makes you easier to move without accidentally hit it. There is also the power to switch the on and off button so you will not ruin your observing session. These features will help you to get the best picture from the galaxy.

Skywatcher EQ6 comes with the precise Go To German equatorial motorized system. This feature will help you to mount the telescope to capture so many astrological objects in the sky. Not only have a brighter visual look, but also a clearer picture even takes at the dark condition.

The belt-driven motor on the Skywatcher EQ6 comes in whisper-quiet slewing that renowned the precision of your picture. You will get the accuracy of your picture without any glare. It also will automatically delete some periodic error on your capturing picture process.

Skywatcher EQ6 comes with metal material with 44-pound payload capacity. This mount is perfect to use in any type of optical tube without having any difficulties. It is built-in with the polar finder scope which can make the easier way to alignment the polar position.

Skywatcher EQ6 offers the Syncscan hand controller with more than 42,000 objects in its data base. You will capture so many objects in the sky with a different level of experience. With the 2.0 inch of the tripod, leg diameter make it sturdier to use in a longer time than before.

Skywatcher EQ6 comes in about 12  volts with 4 Ampere minimum of power. This makes this mount capable to support any type of voltage of your telescope with great latitude degrees of the mount in the may-65 series. The mounting saddle type comes in D/V types which perfect for your daily use.

Skywatcher EQ6 comes with the lightest model that makes it easier to move with a quick setup. It also includes the automate DSLR exposure snap port that allows you to remote the DSLR camera operation.

The dimension from the Skywatcher EQ6 comes at about 25.0 x 21.0 x 12.0 inches and 40 pounds of weight. It also has a reasonable price that starts from US$1,595 on Amazon.

Orion Atlas vs Skywatcher EQ6

- The heavy-duty Atlas EQ-G equatorial telescope mount and tripod has ample strength to support up to a 40-lb. equipment load to easily manage all visual or astrophotographic applications
- Select from among 42,900 celestial objects to explore using the intuitive menus on the computerized GoTo hand controller
- Internal DC stepper motors offer nine slew rates ranging from 2x to 800x sidereal and three tracking rates: sidereal, lunar, and solar
- Features a convenient CCD autoguider jack ; weighs 54 lbs. without counterweights attached
- PRECISE, ACCURATE GOTO: Computerized, motorized GoTo German equatorial telescope mount capable of accurately tracking astronomical objects for both visual observing and astrophotography.
- BELT-DRIVEN MOTORS: Belt-driven stepper motors provide whisper-quiet slewing with renowned precision and accuracy while virtually eliminating Periodic Error.
- 44-POUND PAYLOAD: Beefy, all-metal construction provides 44-pound payload capacity, perfect for all but the heaviest optical tubes.
- BUILT-IN POLAR FINDERSCOPE: Built-in illuminated polar finderscope provides quick and easy polar alignment.

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that the Skywatcher EQ6 is a way better to pick than the Orion Atlas. As come from the size, it is more lightweight tier than the Orion Atlas. Besides, this mount also comes in an easier way to move around.

The Go-To German technology on the Skywatcher EQ6 is a great technology that the Orion Atlas does not has. This makes this device are so easy to equating the sky without any difficulty. It will integrate perfectly with the Synscan alignment to lock the picture in the clearest way.

The Orion Atlas comes more heavily with about 76 pounds of weight. On the other hand, the Skywatcher EQ6 only weighs at about 40 pounds, which is so lighter to bring. Not only lighter, but this mount also comes more quietly while observing the sky than the Orion Atlas.

The capturing picture on the Orion Atlas sometimes having a tiny black mark on green aluminum that so difficult to erase. But, on the Skywatcher EQ6, there are no issues about that such things.

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