Meade LX200 vs LX90 

Meade lx200 vs lx90 (telescope) are popular telescope series by John Diebel. Meade company provide affordable product for amateur astronomers with quality telescope. The number of amateur astronomies is growing now days, the interest of telescope product also increases. The advance technology of Meade product has built Meade reputation as industry leading innovation in optics. The technology of Meade that adding to its products make them easier and more fun to use especially for amateur astronomy.

Being popular telescope series from Meade, what makes Meade lx200 vs lx90 (telescope) are different? Here Meade lx200 vs lx90 (telescope) Comparison will guide you which Meade series is better and what makes them be favorite among astronomers. This Meade lx200 vs lx90 (telescope) Comparison deliver to you amateur astronomy who want to start purchase Meade product.

Meade LX 200

Meade LX200 has launched in 1992 with 8” and 10”. Then followed with two larger models a 12” and a 16”. Meade lx200 has original version LX200GPS named as “classic” LX200 and followed with newer upgrade version LX200ACF. The advantage of the LX200 series was the price for its performance by using electronics and software, pointing performance of more expensive systems. The original LX200 was based on Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and LX200 ACF stands out from its previous version with its advanced coma-free (ACF) optics. The LX200 design is completed with sophisticated telescope’s brain – a AutoStar II computer.

The classic LX200 with its spherical primary mirror have flaw with spherical aberration where the light from outer part reaches focus closer to the mirror than light from center. Also, the design of corrector plate is not good enough which causes the stars at the edge look a bit blurred. But the LX200-ACF overcomes the problems with a hyperbolic secondary mirror. This result high-performance optical system.

The optical opulence of this scope delivers the field of view appears vibrant and bright. The scope’s advanced ACF design works well. With ultra-high transmission coatings, the optic could deliver excellent high contrast views. The LX200 design itself is capable for delivering some great visuals.

 Meade LX200Meade LX90 
Product Dimensions19 x 90 x 26 inches
14 x 47 x 21 inches
Shipping Weight90 pounds
47 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Meade LX90

Meade LX90 is Schmidt-Cassegrain design by Meade Instruments. It uses similar optical system with LX200 and its newer version is LX90 ACF. Meade LX90 were equipped with Autostar system and available range are 8”, 10” and 12” in double tine fork mount. The GPS enabled with Meade Autostart Goto control that perfect for highly portable visual instrument and can be used for straightforward astrophotography. But, LX90 series has no long duration of astrophotography compare with LX200. The LX90 is not easy to carry so it might need more permanent place for its operation. But compare with LX200, this scope has lighter and manageable tripod.

Meade LX90 completed with multicoated optics, level north technology, two finder scopes, GPS receiver, and autostar controller with auto-align software.

Meade lx200 vs lx90 

Let’s take comparison of Meade LX200 vs LX90 (telescope) so you will know more which telescope is suitable with your budget and for best stargazing experiences. Read also: Skywatcher Star Adventurer vs Mini.


Both Meade LX200 vs LX90 (telescope) there is no differences of its tripod. They have identical tripods design with stainless steel material and field tripod height is 33”-44” adjustable. So you may need a spacious space to put these telescope permanently.


The Meade LX200 vs LX90 (telescope) have the same models of corrector plate, primary and secondary mirror configuration. Both of the telescope use oversize corrector plate with 2-sided aspheric correction, Spherical primary mirror and Convex secondary mirror.

Optical Tubes Assemblies (OTA)

The LX200 include the ability to lock the mirror down for transport while the LX90 does not has this mirror locking knob system. The LX90 does not have Micro Focuser as LX200 has, but you can still purchase the Meade #1209 Micro Focuser for LX90.

The LX90 has a curved design of Rear Cell/Visual Back and has screw holes below the eyes pieces. While LX200 has flat design with elevated section in the eye piece. When you purchase the telescope, you will find that LX90 included with 8x50mm finder scope and red dot finder in its box, but LX200 only include the 8x50mm finder scope. The location of finder scope for each telescope is different, the OTA mounted on the left hand of LX200 and for LX90 it mounted on the right hand side.


LX200 has larger forks and more solid construction than LX90 caused LX200 mount heavier. Besides, LX200 also has more functionality such as autoguider port, focus motor control, etc that also contribute to the overall weight of LX200 mount.

The location of computer of LX200 is in the base of the mount while the location of computer of LX90 in the Autostar #497 handset controller. The gearing and drive trains for both telescopes also different that LX200 has better pointing and tracking accuracy. Thus, the LX200 is more suitable for astrophotography that will help you to capture image.

Another difference of Meade LX200 vs LX90 (telescope) is its Alt & Az fine control knobs. The LX200 has manual control meanwhile LX90 does not have it. The function of this control is to make fine pointing adjustments to OTA without rely on Autostar controller buttons. Another smart feature of LX200 is Smart Mount that helps you creating an internal star map by manually updated with scope at specific stars and entering their locations. This feature give you the pointing accuracy of the scope. GoTo capability of LX90 is Audiostar while LX200 is Computerized GoTo.

The Price

Meade LX200 vs LX90 (telescope) has small differences on its price. According to the internet price especially Amazon, for Meade LX90-ACF you can purchase with around $2,249.00 while for a Meade LX200-ACF you can have it with around $2,428.88.

- 10" f/10 Advanced Coma Free Optics - 2500mm focal length
- Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC)
- 1. 25 diagonal prism, Single Speed Focuser
- Series 4000 26mm Plössl eyepiece, 8x50 viewfinder with quick release bracket and Meade AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition Software for PC
- 8" / f/10 Advanced Coma-Free - Optics - 2000mm focal length
- Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC)
- 26mm Series 4000 Super Plössl
- Standard Field Tripod


So, which one is better and worth to purchase? Based on users review, they prefer to buy LX200 because it has better capability for astrophotography and has better features such as incorporates PPEC, primary mirror lock also has more stable mount. However, some users also stick on LX90 because is a bit modern with newer Audiostar, lighter and more portable tripod. But, it has cheaper mount that makes LX200 wins to complete your stargazing experiences.

Now it depends on you, which Meade LX200 vs LX90 (telescope) is grabbing your heart?

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