Celestron Edge HD Vs Evolution

Telescopes are one of the most fascinating tools that humans have ever invented because they help our mediocre vision to see further into the space where most of us will never be able to visit. For those who are admiring the beauty of those vast spaces and the astronomical objects, telescopes such as Celestron Edge HD Vs Evolution are great equipment to have. These two come with a convenient mount as well for ease of use but, let’s see below about which will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Telescope Mount Types
  • What are Celestron Edge HD and Evolution
  • How are the Built of Celestron Edge HD and Evolution
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  • What else Celestron Edge HD and Evolution can offer
  • Celestron Edge HD Vs Evolution

Telescope Mount

Most of us are familiar with telescopes already and how amazing this piece of tool is when it comes to bring something further away to look closer to our eyes. The initial design was very simple but in modern days they are getting better and more suitable for a wider range of application other than observation. But, one thing we often neglect when buying a new telescope is the mount itself which is actually very important to the overall usage of this device.

When it comes to telescopes our main focus is on their size or aperture since in ideal condition this is what decides the strength of the telescope and the price point too. If everything is in perfect condition naturally the wider the aperture the more light gathering ability means brighter the image as well, especially for dimmer objects. Other specs such as focal length and ratio also matter to decide how the image will be seen through the eyepiece and to decide whether they are ideal for astro-imaging.

Mount on the other hand is where this tube will sit on and the bedrock where your astrophotography setup is built on. If the power of this telescope is decided by the aperture size, then the mount is the way we control the unit. In general there are three different mount types that you can use; the first one being altaz or Alt-azimuth. Altaz or AZ is essentially a tripod with two axes so they can move both up and down as well as left and right.

The best thing about AZ mount is they are very simple to use and are familiar for most people. In terms of usage they are ideal for terrestrial viewing or paired with small telescopes to build a convenient setup. The down side is it will be difficult to track objects in astronomy using the mount since it doesn’t follow the earth’s rotation. The second type is Dobsonian which is a type of AZ as well but instead of mounted on a tripod, it is mounted on a low structure or platform.

 Celestron Edge HD Celestron Evolution
Product Dimensions35 x 35 x 20 inches28.5 x 35 x 15 inches
Shipping Weight105 pounds36 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The last basic design of telescope mount is Equatorial or EQ which as the name suggests will take the earth movement as consideration. Due to the way it is mounted and aligned with your object, this mount will be the most ideal for tracking objects and what is often chosen for long-exposure astrophotography. Depending on the design, they can be motorized as well to counter the earth movement so your scope can aim at the same object for a prolonged time.

About Celestron Edge HD and Evolution

Both the main tube and the mount are necessary to consider when buying a setup because we will be using both of them together. The option may differ among users so it is best to follow which seems to be most ideal for your type of application. Sometimes our option can be limited by the budget range as well but nowadays there are more affordable models released by manufacturers as an alternative. If you are not sure about which to choose, checking what other people are going for can be a convenient option.

Most telescope brands are equally reliable depending on which model and how much we can spend on the setup or separate OTA and mount. Among those, Celestron is one of the most popular options for a reason and the reason is they carry good quality telescopes while also completing the collection with a huge range of models from sizes and price range as well as adding different mounts to pair your OTA with. They are often the go-to of shoppers so you may like their devices too.

What’s a bit confusing is there are plenty to choose from so it may take some time to decide such as between the Celestron Edge HD and Evolution variant. The two are a bit different in package because you can buy the Edge HD as a tube only or OTA and this is also originally used to call the tube and not the whole setup so you will find models with name Edge HD CGE or CGEM or CG-5 depending on the type of mounting they are paired with.

As for Evolution which is probably one of the bestselling models from Celestron, it is mainly used to call a setup but actually the mounting system itself. As for today’s comparison, we will be using the Edge HD paired with a CGEM mount and compared to the Evolution paired with regular SCT. The two are similarly computerized mounting which is very popular in modern setups. The best things about Celestron Edge HD and Evolution is the ease of use and the quality of their scopes.

Celestron Edge HD and Evolution Design

Before checking what these telescope setups can offer, let’s see the unit first and as you can expect they come in different sizes or power such as 8 or 9.25 inches. The Edge HD is also available with the Evolution mount and the model usually spelled as Evolution 8 HD to let you know that this variant has the EdgeHD OTA. This tube is more expensive than the standard scope from Celestron so expect to spend more by choosing the HD variant.

For sample we are using the 8 and 6 inches power respectively for these telescopes and the main scope itself is very similar with different form factors to follow their sizing. The tube is made of aluminum with a length of 17 inches for the 8-inch variant and 16 inches or the 6-inch variant. They are well built while the optics itself is similarly coated with Celestron’s Starbright XLT.  In the box you will also find an eyepiece and tripod in addition to the scope and their mounting.

Celestron Edge HD and Evolution Telescope

Moving further, what makes the Edge HD more expensive than Celestron’s basic SCTs is because of the new technology. Both Celestron Edge HD and Evolution are SCT models but the design of HD series is tweaked to deliver a better image which makes it an ideal choice for the astrophotographer. The design of this scope produces a focal plane which is claimed to be 3x flatter than a standard SCT model and even flatter than coma-free designs to give you visibly sharp stars for the camera sensor to capture.

This type of design is coming with mirror support where there are flexible tension clutches that hold the primary mirror in place and very useful to reduce the image shift. It is also combined with vents placed on the rear cell to allow warmer air to be released from behind the primary mirror. To prevent small particles from getting inside the tube, this vents is also installed with mesh material.

Celestron Edge HD and Evolution Mount

If both the Evolution will come with Edge HD scope then the main difference will be on the mounting because similar to our previous Celestron CPC Vs CGEM, the Edge HD that comes with CGEM mount is an EQ style while the Evolution or CPC series are AZ mount. The core difference is in how they track objects because the two can do the same task since they are computerized so object tracking will be automatic by following the program.

What’s different is the movement since with EQ mount the scope will rotate very easily following your object and with AZ mount the scope will need to adjust the height as well. Overall the EQ mount is easier to work with for long-exposure that needs the scope to track the night sky in a prolonged time but, for short-exposure AZ is working just as good.

Celestron Edge HD and Evolution  Feature

Next is for the mount feature and as you can expect, we will still have to manually align these scopes which is key for best imaging. There are various methods to align them using for example polar align or two star align. Their handheld control is where you will select and do most of this job and it may take some time too. The CGEM mount is pretty noisy when slewing but quiet as it tracks in comparison to the Evolution that is quieter. The latter also has built-in Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone with the mount.

Celestron Edge HD Vs Evolution

Both Celestron Edge HD and Evolution are ideal options for their convenience but the most important point is probably the mount itself. You can get the same image quality for observation by choosing the same Edge HD OTA with the Evolution mount but for it is an AZ type, it will be good for short-exposure astrophotography. The natural movement of EQ mount will be more ideal for the long-exposure purpose but on the additional feature you will get built-in Wi-Fi in the Evolution model.

- Celestron 8" aperture aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope produces astrograph-quality flat focal plane
- EdgeHD coma-free Cassegrain optics and a built-in field flattener ensures sharp focus all the way to the edge of the field
- Flexible tension clutches hold the mirror in place and reduce image shift when rotating the tube around the mount
- Cooling vents located on the rear cell allow hot air to be released from behind the primary mirror
- Control your telescope wirelessly from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with the free Celestron mobile app with planetarium interface and SkyAlign technology
- Compact, portable Schmidt Cassegrain telescope with StarBright XLT optical coatings and Fastar compatibility
- Computerized GoTo mount with high-performance worm gears and motors for improved tracking accuracy, along with reduced gear backlash
- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with enough power for 10 hours of continuous observing


There is no bad option between Celestron Edge HD and Evolution as they are great for different users. If the main purpose of this scope is for astrophotography, we suggest the EQ mount like CGEM with the Edge HD scope but for observation any of the two will be amazing.

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