Celestron CPC Vs Evolution

Telescopes are a great invention that helps human beings to see further beyond their eye’s natural capabilities. Depending on each person’s purpose and preference when using the telescope, our choices are abundantly available out there such as with Celestron CPC Vs Evolution that are ideal for people who want to get a closer look of the stars and galaxies far away. These telescopes are indeed similar but also slightly different and before deciding to choose one, see below about which of them will be your better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look for in a New Telescope
  • What are Celestron CPC and Evolution
  • How are the Design of Celestron CPC and Evolution
  • How are the Image Quality in Celestron CPC and Evolution
  • How are the Mechanism of Celestron CPC and Evolution
  • How are the Mount of Celestron CPC and Evolution
  • Celestron CPC Vs Evolution

Buying a New Telescope

Our eyes are amazing as it can help us to perceive objects visually and generate information from what we see but it is also very limited and sometimes we also have issues that limit the visual ability even more. But, humans are also known to find solutions for many problems and one of those solutions is by using optics. These optics are going to help people see further even to a distance that our current technology can’t reach yet such as the stars and other terrestrial objects far away from our planet.

The simple device to see an object that is further away especially outside our home planet is a telescope. It may be surprising for some people that telescopes have been around for quite some time already and yes they have been around since the 16th Century but those compared to what our technology can make today is far different both on the quality and design though, the main idea will be the same. What’s confusing is how we choose the telescope from the huge number of options nowadays.

Their functions are the same but different models and sizes are meant for different users as well. When it is about telescopes, aperture is probably the most important to consider first as you shop around the catalog. Aperture is actually the diameter of a telescope’s light’s gathering lens or mirror known as objective. In general with good optics the wider this diameter means the brighter your image will be so usually it is recommended to choose at least 70mm size or preferably larger.

Telescopes are also coming in a few different models on the basis separated by refractor, reflector, and compound. All of them are capable of showing distant objects but have different mechanisms such as the Refractors which have lenses at the front of the tube while Reflector, as the name suggests, is gathering light using a mirror at the rear of the main tube to reflect the image to the eyepiece. Compound is more of a mix from both mechanisms and often being more compact.

 Celestron CPCCelestron Evolution
Product Dimensions36 x 19 x 36 inches45 x 29 x 15.5 inches
Shipping Weight60 pounds109.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

In addition there is focal length as well which means the amount of magnification a telescope can offer or also called as power. This is actually the objective’s focal length divided by that of the eyepiece which is found on the barrel. In most cases telescopes have at least one eyepiece in the box and many come with two or more. To put it simply the focal length is how you see the object since short focal length will give you a wider view of an object or area while the longer gives you zoom to it but narrow field of view.

About Celestron CPC and Evolution

Now when you already have an idea or image on how the telescope should be or which that seems to fit in the typical application, it is time to see what the market has to offer since there are so many of them out there. Telescopes can be very affordable as well, especially the Reflector type but they can get massive quite fast as the aperture increases hence not convenient for some people. Dobsonian is a great example for amazing yet a bit difficult to transport or keep in a limited space.

If this is your first telescope, it is probably faster to shop based on the brand or what other people are opting with since what satisfies most people will have a great chance to benefit you as well. Among those many options, Celestron is one of the most well-known brands in the market and probably also one of the best for their product options and price range since you can find a model that fits in the budget from those for beginners and young observers to those hobbyists looking for reliable telescopes.

For observers who want to get a reliable yet easy to use telescopes, the Celestron CPC and Evolution from the collection will be two great options to consider. Both of them are SCT models that are ideal for various types of application but most likely to be great for observation and the benefit of this telescope type in general is that they are fairly compact while carrying a quite wide aperture, making them suitable for both beginners and hobbyist who want to take a peek of what’s out there.

The two are also quite advanced in technology means we are not getting the tube and mount separated as the two are packed with their computer as well, making the user experience even better. Both Celestron CPC and Evolution are very similar to each other especially on the tube but they are coming with different mounting which may also affect the way they operate but quality wise they are equally good options.

Celestron CPC and Evolution Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, these models are very similar to many other SCT telescopes such as Celestron C8 Vs EdgeHD which are often chosen by astrophotographers but these two already come in a set with the mounting. The mounting of CPC is a fork style with two arms holding the telescope together while the latter is one arm style but the type of movement is the same. The consideration is usually about weight and stability as the former is often more reliable for holding and navigating the tube.

The tube of Celestron CPC and Evolution are almost identical as well if not for their color scheme and the form factor are the same at 559mm long, with a diameter approximately at 271.7mm and weighing 20 lbs. without including the mount. The two have accessory trays in the box and the Evolution also has two eyepieces instead of one in CPC. These eyepieces are 40mm with 59x magnification while the latter has another 13mm 180x magnification as well.

Celestron CPC and Evolution Image Quality

Moving further, let’s see what these telescopes can offer but as it has been mentioned above, the tube itself is actually very similar between Celestron CPC and Evolution. For the comparison today they are fairly small models at 9.25 variant and you can find smaller 8 inches or 10 inches as well depending on budget and the aperture size desired. In performance they are working really well and it seems they are also using the same optics so no wonder that you can get the same type of view with any of the two.

The image is crisp and looks amazing for the eyes to enjoy. The resolution is also amazing and offering a great experience. Depending on the eyepiece paired with, you can get a closer look to the moon or explore some deep-sky objects in Orion.

Celestron CPC and Evolution Mechanism 

Since these are computerized models, there are some steps that need to be done after assembling the telescope and properly attaching the components. It is aligning the telescope using their SkyAligning technology in which one of the methods is by picking three bright objects in the sky such as moon, planets or stars so then their computer can do the rest for you. Personally we are not very familiar with the system but they are very convenient and don’t take long to get through.

Their motors in comparison are very similar as well but when slewing your Evolution can be slightly noisier while once tracking they are going to be quieter. Even though this mount is only holding the tube with one arm, surprisingly there is no issue about shakiness or stability as it moves and tracks the object.

Celestron CPC and Evolution Mount

What’s different from Celestron CPC and Evolution is probably mostly regarding the mounting itself. Besides the dual and single arm design, both of them are also powered differently with the single-arm Evolution can operate on battery, making it more convenient for most users. In addition the CPC is also coming with a finderscope which is also included with CPC telescope purchase. Since they are computerized, these mounts are also operating automatically to seek the object you desired.

Celestron CPC Vs Evolution

Both of them are good options for observation and they are also fairly easy to get used to thanks to the computerized mounts that take most of the work from you. What users need to do is only align their objects and let the scope handle the rest. The scope itself is the same performance wise as they are using the same technology and the most difference is on their mounting but even in comparison they are almost similarly quiet and stable while also easy to use.

- 9.25-inch diffraction limited Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.
- Features a fully computerized dual fork arm altazimuth mount.
- With its ergonomic design, comfortably move the telescope from location to location.
- Includes convenient remote hand control holder.
- Explore the Universe and control your telescope with the free Celestron SkyPortal app for iOS and Android! Select any object from the app’s database and the telescope locates and tracks it automatically.
- See the difference! Compact, portable 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube with StarBright XLT optical coatings provides stunning views.
- This computerized GoTo mount with high-performance brass worm gears and motors tracks objects smoothly as they appear to drift across the night sky. Ideal for star parties and astroimaging.
- Forget about buying an external power supply. Celestron’s LiFePO4 battery is built right in for the safest, most reliable power anywhere.


All in all it is easy to pick any of them because they are equally amazing but in comparison we recommend the Evolution since you can use batteries to power the mount and this can be more convenient for many people.

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