Celestron CPC 1100 vs Meade LX200

For astronomers and hobbyists, a telescope is a must have because you will need them to observe those celestial objects that are difficult to enjoy with naked eyes. Nowadays, they are becoming more convenient with computerized systems such as Celestron CPC 1100 Vs Meade LX200. These telescopes may not be affordable but they are amazing for both convenient and experience especially those who can spend more. If these telescopes also attract your attention, see below about what they offer and which fits you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What You Want to Know Before Buying a Telescope
  • What are Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200
  • What Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 Look Like
  • How are the Specification of Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200
  • How are the Performance of Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200
  • How are the Mounting of Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200
  • Celestron CPC 1100 Vs Meade LX200

Buying a Telescope

Astronomy may not be the hobby of most people, especially young people today as our technology has introduced so many interesting devices and possibilities on what you can achieve with them. Taking an example of online games which is very much loved by both younger people and adults because of the amount of entertainment they offer yet still, there are quite many of us who decide to enjoy what’s our universe offer and one of them is those beautiful celestial objects we can only see so much with naked eyes.

Since our eyes are very limited in capabilities, we will need something to enhance the view and for astronomers, it is through telescopes. Telescopes are not something that we use everyday and very popular among the general population but a must have for those who want to peek at what’s out of our atmosphere. This is why it is necessary to know some basic astronomy before purchasing one especially if this is your first interest on the subject; just to make sure we are able to optimize the device.

  • Learning the main stars and constellations is a must because this is what you may want to see through the telescope just like how you memorize the street names and attraction in certain places you wish to visit. It is great to start with a dozen or more bright stars and around 10 major constellations for a good first experience.
  • The layout of the sky is probably the least complex knowledge we have to understand before owning a telescope since the sphere design is very simple; horizon, zenith, meridian, location of the north or south pole, the ecliptic, as well as the celestial equator.
  • Before owning a real telescope, if you plan to jump up to at least the middle-range, learning how to use a binocular first can be very beneficial. Telescopes require finding processes and we can practice it affordably with a binocular as they are less complex due to the wide field of view and low magnification.
  • If you have a friend or family who owns a telescope, why not try using theirs first? With this we can ask them for some guidance as well as learning on how to use the real unit so we don’t have to spend an amount of money on a device we can’t use properly yet. If your area has an astronomy club, it is a definitely a good place to start.
 Celestron CPC 1100Meade LX200
Product Dimensions36 x 19 x 37 inches
22 x 115 x 29 inches
Shipping Weight83 pounds
1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 

After all, it is better to buy a product that we already have an experience with so then we can use them properly, moreover, if this unit is very expensive or you want to choose the more experienced model. For telescopes, another thing you may want to know is their type because there are quite a few of them out there and one of the newer models is a computerized telescope which is the most convenient since the difficult and time consuming part is already taken care of by the system.

Telescopes are also available widely and you can find them in many department stores but we do recommend avoiding generic brands which do not focus on making telescopes because they also tend to be less reliable. When talking about telescopes, there are few that are proven to always have good options for different users and two of them are Celestron and Meade. We are sure these names are familiar to you due to how popular they are but personally we like their price range and products qualities.

If you are also into computerized telescopes, these two carry great options that will satisfy your night sky observation and for those willing to pay the price, Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 are two attractive options to consider. Similar to Celestron NexStar SE line that you can check on our Celestron NexStar 8SE Vs 6SE, these two are not ideal for beginners in terms of price range especially those who are not sure about the hobby yet but when it is about convenient and quality, these two are just amazing.

The best thing about computerized telescopes like Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 is that they can take the burden and time to find objects for you and this often being an issue for beginners as there are so many objects out there. With a computer system basically we can spend more time enjoying the view rather than aiming and finding the object that you want to see. However, performance wise, in general a telescope’s aperture and light pollution will affect the image quality.

Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 Design

The first thing comes to our mind when seeing Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 is how heavy these units are because they look exactly like something you need to put effort on while carrying. They are more than 60 lbs. in total weight and probably almost 70 lbs. as well, making them not very convenient if you are often hunting for a better place to start gazing. However, with a proper case we can definitely transport them safely but, the case for a telescope can be pricey as well.

The LX200 is a line and not a model so there are several telescopes in this family but today we are going to compare the CPC 1100 with the 10-inch type for Meade. From the built quality, these two are very robust and while the arms are plastic, they are stable and heavy. The optical tube itself is made from aluminum and they seem to be similar in length. You will find everything in the box from the main tube, mounting, and tripod as well as the eyepiece so we can start right after assembly.

Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 Specification

Telescope’s main factor that decides its performance is their aperture with assumption if the unit is well-made as it is the area that gathers light and decides what you can observe. Here Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 are slightly different depending on which LX200 you are going to buy because there is 8 to 16-inch here while the 1100 is strictly used to call the 11-inch or 279mm type. For comparison today, we are picking the 10-inch or 254mm for the Meade telescope.

Different in aperture also makes these two have different focal length and it makes CPC 1100 also have longer tube in comparison to LX200 10-inch yet it makes their aperture ratio stay the same at f/10. They equally come with only one Plossl eyepiece; one is at 40mm and the latter is at 26mm, making it easier to start with if you want to have a barlow lens or higher and lower powered eyepieces. 

Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 Performance 

Moving to their performance part, Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 are amazing, these two are probably two popular models that won’t waste your money because they do look very good. For example we often start with the moon as it is the easiest to see and both of them are capable of zooming up very well whether you want to view the moon as a whole or observe its crater and mountains; even with very high magnification, the image still looks crisp and satisfying.

Being 11 and 10-inch telescope makes them amazing if you are into viewing the colorful nebulas as they are very bright and chances are you can see plenty of them in clear, dark sky. Image and performance wise, these two are comparable and we do think they are on the same level with the wonderful experience.

Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 Mounting

Compared to one arm mounting, we personally prefer the two arm design like what you can find in Celestron CPC 1100 and Meade LX200 as they are more stable especially for big scopes. These arms and motor are moving very well and have less vibration that may mess you alignment. These are also ideal for both planetary and deep space observation as well as astrophotography but since none are packing a wedge in the box, you will definitely need them to operate the tube in equatorial movement.

Celestron CPC 1100 vs Meade LX200

These telescopes are not only robust but also proving that you can use the 11 and 10-inch aperture to enjoy those celestial objects whether you are into planets or more into deep space. In comparison we do think they are similarly reliable and capable of offering the best image while the option to use wedge is also possible if you are into astrophotography and need the equatorial movement. Price wise however, the LX200 is quite far more expensive than CPC1100.

- 9x50 finderscope to help accurately find objects
- Ergonomic design comfortablyy move the telescope from location to location
- Heavy duty tripod makes attaching the telescope so easy you can do it in the dark; also features sturdy 2 inches Steel legs and accessory tray
- Ergonomic design so you can comfortably lift and move the telescope
- DOUBLE FORK MOUNT: All LX200-ACF models feature the DC-servo driven super heavy duty double fork mount, the strongest and most rigid mount in its class
- PRIMARY LOCKING MECHANISM: Mechanically loaded as well all LX200 models feature a primary mirror locking mechanism
- PRECISION ALIGNMENT: Precise and quick star alignment is done near effortlessly with Meade's level north technology alignment system incorporating a 16 channel GPS receiver
- PRECISION ALIGNMENT: - Precise and quick star alignment is done near effortlessly with Meade's level north technology alignment system incorporating a 16 channel GPS receiver


All in all you can choose any of them because the most important is performance and they are equally amazing but, for those who want to keep the budget as effective as possible, we do highly recommend the Celestron CPC 1100.


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