Celestron C8 vs 8SE

Sky views can only be seen clearly when using the help of certain tools. A telescope is a tool commonly used to see celestial objects to make it look clearer. The telescope is an optical instrument that has the function of seeing objects from afar in the sky. Through this tool, you can see the stars of the planetary nebula and the Galaxy more clearly. So that this tool is widely used for certain celestial research.

Although the use of telescopes is dominated by certain research or knowledge, however, the use of this tool can also be used by individuals. So it can be said that the use of this tool is not limited to certain circles. You can use this tool to see the night sky view you want. Through modern technology, what you can’t see clearly at night, you can see more clearly.

You can buy a telescope easily on the market because many companies have provided this tool. Various telescope products have been sold freely by various related companies to meet the needs of all people. For that, you can choose telescope products from certain brands that suit your needs. You have to be able to find a guaranteed quality product so that the telescope that doesn’t have it can last a long time. Therefore, you must be able to find a manufacturer whose trust is guaranteed.

One of the telescope product manufacturers is Celestron. Brainly is already popular with a wide variety of quality products. You can choose one of the products from Celestron which are sold at affordable prices. Of the many products it has, you can consider buying the Celestron C8 and 8SE telescopes. These two products provide a clear image display so that you can observe celestial objects more fully. Whatever you want to see, you can observe everything with these two products.

So which of the two products will you choose? Which Celestron C8 or 8SE will be your choice? Even though they both offer satisfying quality, you must be able to determine which one is the best. If you don’t want to make the wrong choice, then you can pay attention to reviews of the two products on the internet. But if you want it to be easier, you can find the answer below.

Celestron C8

This one of the top products from Celestron is offered for around 1000 dollars. With this price, you can get high quality that won’t disappoint. whatever you want to see at night can all be captured clearly through the existing lens. This product which weighs 49 pounds is perfect for you to use to see the scenery in a large area.

The Celestron C8 has a Plossl 25mm eyepiece. Complete with 6×30 Finderscope and CG-5 Equatorial Mount Bracket Mounting and Tripod Star Diagonal, this product will fulfil every observation need you to want. The ability of this product is capable of producing images and also aiming at objects more clearly. So this product is suitable for observing in a wide area or wide open. Read also: Orion Starblast 6 vs Skyquest XT6.

 Celestron C8Celestron 8SE 
Product Dimensions37.01 x 23.62 x 12.6 inches
42.01 x 23.66 x 12.99 inches
Shipping Weight49 pounds
23.9 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Celestron C8 is equipped with German Equator Mount Sky Level 1 CD-ROM accessory tray which makes it even stronger. With this feature, this telescope has a worm gear which has a precision on both axes of this gear point which will function very well to maintain product stability during use for observing. Apart from that this telescope is also equipped with a key element that makes GPS more compatible.

The Celestron C8 offers Nexstar computer control communication technology on hand control which is useful for controlling the telescope via a personal computer. So you can control more easily through this connection. No matter how you want to make an observation you can do it quickly and easily without distraction. The telescope will stand firm wherever you use it.

Celestron C8 will help you find the double-line objects and asterisms you usually want. Complete with the most beautiful double 3 and 4-star features you can get whatever you want. Besides, this telescope is also supported by variable stars and also a supporting solar system. With an integrated and sleek Celestron design, this product is perfect for beginners or professionals alike.

Celestron 8SE

This product is a very popular product from Celestron because of its capabilities. For around 2000 Dollars you can have a product that is equipped with a variety of modern technologies. This product that weighs 23.9 pounds is perfect for you to observe wherever you want. because of its lightweight, you can carry it for observation when travelling far.

The Celestron 8SE is presented with an iconic design complete with the latest technology features. So this product is very suitable for use for beginners or those who are already professionals. This telescope features an 8-inch point opening with the 8-inch Main mirror in the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. This telescope has a light gathering capability that makes it produce a clearer image. This feature also makes this telescope suitable for both children and adults.

The Celestron 8SE is compatible with Star sense wi-fi technology as well as a fully automatic pairing which makes it easy to use. With this technology, this telescope can display a database of more than 40,000 celestial bodies. Complete with the Go to Moon feature built into it, this telescope can find and track objects automatically just for you.

The Celestron 8SE can be assembled with ease via its single fork arm and steel tripod design. This is even more perfect because it is supported by SkyAlign technology, which allows the telescope to remain parallel for as long as you use it. So that the product has a stable performance even if you use it for a long time in just a few minutes, this product is ready to use because of its easy assembly.

The Celestron 8SE comes with star night software which is freely available. With the astronomy software programs available you can enjoy interactive simulations of the sky. You can even enjoy unlimited access to technical support from the expert team provided by Celestron with ease.

Celestron C8 vs 8SE 

- the most beautiful double, triple and quadruple stars
- variable star
- solar systems
- objects and asterisms Double line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display Hand Control with 19 fiber optic backlit LED buttons
- Nexstar computerized telescope: The NexStar 8SE Computerized Telescope features Celestron’s iconic orange tube design with updated technology and the latest features for amazing stargazing for beginners and experienced observers.
- 8-Inch aperture: The eight-inch primary mirror in this Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope for adults and kids to be used together packs enough light-gathering ability to observe the best that our Solar System has to offer, while retaining a compact form factor. Compatible with starsense technology, Wifi
- Fully-automated go to mount: Featuring a database of more than 40,000 celestial objects, the go to mount built into our telescopes for astronomy beginners automatically locates and tracks objects for you.
- Easy to assemble and break down: The single fork arm design and sturdy steel tripod all assemble and break down from separate components for easy transportation.


From this description, it can be said that the winner between the two telescopes is the Celestron 8SE. This product can work more stable than Celestron C8. Besides, this product can also produce a clearer image display. The available go to mount feature will work automatically to capture objects in the sky. So this product is easier to use. Moreover, this product also has a lightweight so you can take it anywhere.

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