Celestron has been widely known and chosen to be the most popular telescope manufacturers. As we discussed before, the Celestron C5 was the winner against C90. Now, we’re going to compare the C5 against competitor, the Skywatcher Mak 127. Will C5 still hold its title or Mak 127 can overthrown the C5 off its throne? Keep reading to find out.

Celestron C5

Priced at $614.74, Celestron C5 has 5 inches (127 mm) aperture with 1250 mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system. Its optical quality, reliable, high quality spotting scope is the reason it was selected to travel aboard the Space Shuttle by NASA. The C5 spotting scope is an ideal choice for the serious bird watcher, nature lover or anyone who enjoys beautiful views either from your home or in the field. At just six pounds in weight and 11 inches in length, this spotting scope is a completely portable visual and photographic instrument that performs well in any viewing location. Furthermore, this telescope’s water white glass is coated with special proprietary StarBright XLT optical coatings to achieve up to 97.4% light transmission. The C5 accepts a wide range of 1.25” mount eyepieces for even more magnification and offer 4½ times more light gathering ability than a 60 mm spotting scope and 2½ times more than an 80 mm scope, Celestron’s C5 is the clear choice when a powerful instrument delivering brilliant, crisp views is what you require. The C5 spotting scope is a wonderfully versatile instrument, and its near focus of approximately 20 feet allows you to observe plant life, wildlife, birds or insects with ease. At the same time, the C5 can also be used as an astronomical telescope.

Product Dimensions13 x 6 x 10 inches28 x 10 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight5.98 pounds12.22 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

C5 offers a wide variety of multiple accessories included to expand the capabilities of this special instrument. It comes with soft-sided case with fitted inserts, 25 mm eyepiece, 45° erect image diagonal, 6×30 mm erect image finderscope, objective cover, cleaning cloth, and instruction manual all included. The C5 aperture of 5 inches allows for a lot of light gathering ability for bright, detailed views even in dim viewing conditions, it easily outperforms smaller aperture spotting scopes. In addition, the C5 goes easily from working as a powerful spotting scope to being a high performance 1250 mm f/10 telephoto lens. Photography couldn’t be easier, because the C5 is designed to be fully camera adaptable. To take professional quality shots with the C5, just attach the correct optional T- Adapter and T-Ring for your 35 mm SLR camera to the back of the C5 spotting scope, and you’re ready to shoot. The tripod adapter block on the C5’s tube makes easy work of mounting the instrument onto a tripod for either viewing or photography. Thanks to its integrated T-mount threads, the C5 works as a powerful spotting scope or a high-performance 1250 mm f/10 telephoto lens for your DSLR. Versatile Mounting Options Designed with both a dovetail rail and a ¼-20 threaded mounting port, the C5 mounts easily on both astronomical and photographic tripods. Read also: CELESTRON ADVANCED VX 8 Vs NEXSTAR 8SE.

Skywatcher Mak 127

Fairly cheaper than the previous Celestron C5, for $435.00, Mak 127 is one of the Skymax series of Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tubes features matched primary and secondary mirrors with an expertly coated corrector plate that delivers sharp-contrast views with charcoal-black skies. Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes are all about compactness, sharp and contrasty images, and the flexibility to use them as a telescope for astronomy, a spotting scope for terrestrial use, a lens for photography or a travel companion for sky-gazers on adventures. Mak 127 is 12.5 inches long and 15 inches if the diagonal installed, it weighs 9.7 lb. with accessories, but it uses a large 5 inches lens system to gather brightness and light so you can see fuzzy objects millions of light years away. With 127 mm lens, this telescope will gather 56% more light than a 102 mm. Moreover, the classic long focal length of f/12 will give you jet black background skies for enhancement of celestial targets to stand out beautifully. The Skymax 127 is included with selection of accessories, which are a 2 inches 90-degree star diagonal, a 28 mm 2 inches LET eyepiece, a 6 x 30 straight-through finder for the location and centering of objects, and a Vixen-style dovetail plate, which allows you to mount your telescope on a wide variety of alt-azimuth or equatorial mounts.

With a relatively short, lightweight optical tube, the 5 inches Mak 127 is portable enough to fit under your seat on a plane, perfect to carry around. Combined with lightweight alt-azimuth mount, this telescope can be assembled easily for perfect set-up on day or night, whether you are traveling across the globe to see your first total eclipse of the Sun or heading out to your backyard for a peaceful hour of astronomy. Its light-gathering ability can guide you to see the objects you wish to look at, whether that object is Mars, Nebula, a flock of birds on the horizon at dusk or a squirrel up high resting on a branch of a tree, Mak 127 mm is capable to help you achieve best view of extraterrestrial objects as well as terrestrial objects. Furthermore, the sharpness of the optics is one of the aspects to consider when choosing a telescope or spotting scope. This Mak 127 uses both mirrors and lenses to gather and focus light, and this design is famous for sharp, high-contrast “refractor-like” images. Mak 127 is ideal for beginners or expert, its aperture is enough for deep-sky work and the size of the telescope is compact for travelling or those times when you want to grab and go.


- Schmidt-Cassegrain 5 '' optical design.
- XLT StarBright Coatings
- 0.984 in (50x) eyepiece.
- Erect image 45 ° diagonally.
- Matching Optics: The Skymax series of Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tubes feature matching primary and secondary mirrors with an expertly coated correction plate that offers rich views in contrast to carbon black skies.
- 94% Reflective Mirror Coatings: Sky-Watcher Maksutov-Cassegrains feature a borosilicate primary mirror with an aluminum coating and a quartz coating, producing a reflectivity rating of 94% for excellent light transmission.
- Convenient Mounting Plate - Using a 1⁄4-20 tripod thread, the Maksutov 35mm allows users to mount to most photographic tripods without the need for any added adapters or accessories.
- Fully Bathed Tube: Using a fully baffled tube, Sky-Watcher Maksutovs prevents stray light from interfering with your viewing experience.


Both telescopes have similar performance. Mak 127 has slightly better contrast with a smaller central obstruction than the Celestron C5 and with a f6.3 f/r it will give about 1000 f/l which is very enjoyable focal length. However, the weight of the Mak 127 is 8.5 pounds and the Celestron C5 is lighter at only 5.5 pounds which makes C5 a little bit easier to carry around. When it comes to light-weight and compactness, Celestron C5 is unbeatable at that aperture and it also balance out the biggest possible aperture in the smallest possible physical space. It has decent aperture, typically good optics, and a very good 1-degree field when used with the widest 1.25″ eyepiece made that’s why the Celestron C5 is the winner.

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