Celestron 60AZ vs 70AZ

Not everyone has to own a telescope but it is a must for those who are interested in astronomy or astrophotographers who want to capture what’s present further away from our earth. You don’t have to spend much just to get a reliable scope however, because the Celestron 60AZ Vs 70AZ are both friendly to use and friendly to your pocket. If you wonder which of them will be a better option, see below to learn what these models can offer before heading to purchase one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look for in a Telescope
  • What are Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ
  • What Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ Look Like
  • How are the Specification of Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ
  • How are the Performance of Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ
  • How are the Mounting of Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ
  • Celestron 60AZ Vs 70AZ

Telescope for Beginners

The first time telescope was invented people may have no interest to aim it to the sky and take a closer peek of what’s out there but Galileo Galilei did and now the most common use of this piece of optics is to see further or to bring what’s further away closer to your eyes. Most people know what a telescope looks like and probably use them at some point but only a handful who are actually using them or know how to use and maintain the device.

Telescope is not a maintenance-free unit that we can assemble, use, and put away without expecting some routine care yet, it will be worth it to have a long lasting and useful product that performs reliably. Just like with everything, starting with a telescope is not without consideration because there are plenty of factors we have to think about before getting our first telescope, be it for personal use or for a gift since children usually love and have a high interest in astronomy.

  • Telescope Aperture

You may have read that when everything is perfect, a telescope can go as far as its aperture and this is why it is the most crucial when looking for a new telescope. The aperture decides how big its shape is as well so you can instantly tell or it is actually the size of the objective lens/mirror or diameter itself. In short the bigger the aperture the brighter the image will be which is why it is better to view fainter objects. 

It doesn’t mean we have to own a dobsonian because even those with small aperture can show you much already depending on the sky condition as the clearer the sky such as if you are living in the countryside, the more we can see up there too. For beginners a smaller telescope is easier to use and even those with 6-8 inches are usually really good being used in dark skies.

  • Telescope Types

Telescopes may seem like that one tube with lenses on both ends but there are actually many of them down to each sub type. The general designs are refractor, reflector or Newtonian, and compound or catadioptric such as the Meade ETX 125 Vs Celestron NexStar 6SE. Refactor uses lenses, reflector uses mirrors, and catadioptric uses both of them to fold the light to reduce length. All have both pros and cons but enthusiasts often choose reflector while beginner often go with refractor and spot hunter go with catadioptric due to its convenient and portable main tube.

 Celestron 60AZCelestron 70AZ
Product Dimensions34 x 49 x 34 inches
14.96 x 5.12 x 3.94 inches
Shipping Weight11 pounds
17.99 pounds
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About Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ

There are plenty of good options out there so you can opt any of them but the best choice is the one that matches with your type of application as well as what we will enjoy using since it is a waste to have something we will just use once and put away. Telescope may not be something we will be utilizing just in any day but it is good to go with reliable options both for good experience and value of your money.

We recommend choosing brands that focus their products on telescope and its accessories because they tend to be more reliable and more trusted in terms of quality compared to general brands. Talking about telescopes, you will find various good and popular names out there but we are sure many will be familiar with Celestron. Their names are everywhere you go when looking for a good reputable telescope but it is because they are also offering amazing products many people love.

Their product range is covering any consumer market from the beginner to enthusiast alike and from observer to photographer so you will find the perfect option in no time. For those who want to keep the budget low, Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ are two amazing options to consider. Both of them are very affordable and probably best for a gift or to get started into the hobby but, they are actually offering much even in the lower range and this is the reason why many love them.

These are telescopes from PowerSeeker line since Celestron seem to have another similar model but priced almost twice higher called AstroMaster which in our opinion is better for those with more experience. Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ are refractor and it means they are using lenses which are very easy to maintain. As close brothers you will find similar points in both of them and it is natural but the image may not be exactly the same. In our opinion saving a little bit and going with 60AZ is a good decision however. 

Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ Design

As a refractor, Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ are what most people have in mind when you talk about a telescope which is a main tube with a slim figure and lens on both ends. It is a typical design and both of them do have the same appearance with this long optical tube and shiny finish. Side by side the 70AZ will take up more space however since this model has not only a bigger diameter but also a longer optical tube yet the rest of the built are the same.

These are complete packages means you will get everything in the box including the mounting and the tripod. They are not the best however but acceptable in this price range and since the weight of its main tube is very light, we personally have no worry about whether the aluminum tripod can sustain the total weight. In addition you will get some accessories in the box too to let the user start right away.

Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ Specification

Moving further, let’s see what Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ can offer to you and the basic rule to buy a telescope is reading its specification. As the name suggests, these are refractor designs with 60 and 70mm aperture so each one of them are coming with 2.3 and 2.7 inches objective lens respectively. The focal lengths however are the same at 700mm while the focal ratios are 10 and 12 side by side. As for the eyepieces we do get two of them 20mm with 35x magnification and 4mm with 175x magnification.

We also love to find a barlow inside the box so we can multiply these magnifications by 3 times yet, we still think it is best to keep the zoom low as it hinders the clarity of your image especially in models with small apertures.

Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ Performance 

Moving to their performance, Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ are amazing for the price point and in comparison their image quality is also the same. Small telescopes are ideal for planetary observation so we are sure most people will aim them at the moon first and you can see how bright they are. With the small power eyepiece you can get to see the whole moon and some of its details while adding the high power you can start to see the nook and texture on their surface.

They do have the same focal length but different in ratio so this translates into the image size you will be seeing on the unit because a longer f/12 60AZ will also produce a closer view of your object and adding this zoom effect while in fact they are using the same eyepiece. But, since these are mainly to view planets, we don’t think it will affect your experience as to when observing widespread objects like clusters.

Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ Mounting

The last part we want to talk about is their mounting and as you can already expect, Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ are packed with an alt-azimuth mount. This is a manual mount so we have to find and track the object manually yet, since they are mainly used for planetary observation, it should not be a big problem once we find the correct alignment. The mount itself is very sturdy and keeps the scope safe while being used but in comparison 70AZ is going to be a bit heavier as well.

Celestron 60AZ vs 70AZ

Both of them are amazing options for refractor below $100 as you can view many through them without the high cost. The difference is on their aperture as 70AZ is larger and it also have faster focal ratio too which gives you a wider view of an object while in comparison the 60AZ have the higher ratio and giving this zoom effect but, in terms of clarity, they are the same as both are clear and looks great.

- A 60 mm refractor with special edition COSMOS eye nebula graphic, a fully coated achromatic glass lenses for clear, crisp images and suitable for astronomical and terrestrial use.
- Quick and easy no-tool setup: permanently mounted finderscope for convenience, rugged tripod with steel legs.
- A pan handle Alt-Azimuth control with clutch for smooth and accurate pointing.
- A portion of the proceeds from this telescope benefits the International Dark-Sky Association to minimize light pollution.
- HIGH-QUALITY 70MM OPTICS: Our Celestron telescope features a powerful, fully coated 70mm glass optic objective lens. Erect image optics allow you to observe celestial objects at night and terrestrial targets like wildlife and landscapes during the day.
- QUICK SETUP & LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME: This telescope for adults features a lightweight frame and a panning handle with Alt-Az control for smooth and accurate pointing. Setup is quick and easy, with no tools required.
- INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: We’ve included two eyepieces (20mm and 10mm), an erect image star diagonal, a travel tripod, and a red dot finder scope. Download our BONUS Starry Night Basic Edition astronomy software for interactive sky simulation.
- UNBEATABLE WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Buy with confidence from the world’s #1 telescope brand, based in California since 1960. You’ll also receive a 2-year warranty and unlimited access to technical support from our team of US-based experts.


All in all you can go with any of them as there is no bad option between Celestron 60AZ and 70AZ. Personally we prefer those with smaller focal ratio but for planetary view longer ratio is often better as it gives you a closer look of an object.

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