Celestron 21023 vs 21024 

When you want to see celestial objects that are far away, you certainly need the help of certain equipment. Without the help of supporting equipment, the human eye will not be able to see objects that are far away. Especially if the object is in the sky, of course, our eyes will not be able to see it. For that, the equipment that you can use to see celestial objects that are far away is a telescope.

The telescope is an optical instrument that has a function to see objects that are very far away, especially above the clouds. The telescope is the best choice for those of you who like a charming sky view. You can use the telescope at night when you want to see what’s in the night sky. You can see the beautiful stars and beautiful celestial bodies clearly through your telescope.

Anyone without exception can own a telescope with the features that suit their needs. You can buy a telescope as you wish through a variety of product series with complete features presented by well-known companies. One of the many telescope manufacturers who produce telescope products with high quality is Celestron.

Celestron is a company that continues to develop its technology in making telescope products in various series. With so many products produced, you can choose one of the telescope products from Celestron. As a recommendation, you can choose the Celestron 21023 and 21024 series telescope products. The two series are reportedly quite difficult to compare because they just look the same.

With the same good quality, you can choose one of the two products to meet the needs of your telescope. Between the Celestron 21023 and 21024, there is something better and more worthy of owning. Then can you choose the best one of the two products? To be able to determine the best, you can pay attention to the following brief review.

Celestron 21023

For a unit of Celestron 21023, you only need to spend under 100 dollars. The price offered is arguably cheap for a telescope. You can take the Celestron 21023 home if you want to use a telescope that is lightweight and has such an easy operation.

This product offers a wide field of view, perfect for observing comets, star clusters, galaxies, and more that will make your experience better in observing the sky. This telescope is lightweight and portable which will make it easier for you. A great grab and go telescope has a simple design that will make it even easier to use even new or professional users.

To be able to use this telescope there is no-tool setup means you are up and observing in no time. The compact and lightweight design provided by this telescope will work perfectly for anyone, especially beginners looking to experience the magic of the night. This telescope also comes with a Dobsonian-style tabletop. This design includes a spherical mirror with a generous 76 mm of aperture.

 Celestron 21023Celestron 21024 
Product Dimensions10 x 13 x 10 inches
9 x 9 x 16 inches
Shipping Weight2 pounds
4.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Celestron 21023 has a feature that can adjust bright, sharp views of comets and other celestial objects in crisp detail. You can observe any object with this telescope in a more detailed and amazing view. Even this telescope also provides a wide field of view, so you can observe the brightest part of the comet and favourite deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula.

This telescope also offers 2 Kellner eyepieces and a 5×24 finderscope. This feature is here to support your needs in observing distant objects more clearly. With a size of weighing just 4.3 lbs, Celestron 21023 is a tabletop telescope that suitable for the outdoor experience. Even the appearance of this product looks so stylish and can add decoration to your bookshelf or desk.

Celestron 21024

This popular telescope product comes with many interesting features. You only need to spend under 100 dollars if you want to own a Celestron 21024 unit. The price offered includes a low price for a telescope with advanced technology.

The Celestron 21024 comes with a high-quality Dobsonian style stand complete with a 76 mm reflector optical tube. This technology makes this telescope an ideal product for the entry-level astronomical telescope. So even if you are a beginner, you can still use the telescope to get a great view.

This telescope has a portable and lightweight table-top design that will make it easier to carry anywhere. Even this design can also make it easier for you to make arrangements. You will simply navigate the night sky by moving the tube in the direction of their desired object so that the object you see can be clearer.

What makes this product more attractive is its design which looks stylish and decorative. You’ll love this elementary telescope for studying astronomy. You can explore the night sky better through this telescope wherever you are.

Because of its portable form, this telescope is perfect for you to take it outside to explore. When you are travelling to distant places and want to enjoy the view of the night sky, you can bring Celestron 21024 to accompany you. The celestial body that you want to see will be seen more clearly through this telescope.

Celestron 21023 vs 21024 

- Lightweight and portable, a great grab-and-go telescope
- Simple design makes it easy for beginners to use
- No-tool setup means you are up and observing in no time
- Includes a finderscope and 2 Kellner eyepieces
- High quality Dobsonian style stand with a 76 mm reflector optical tube make FirstScope an ideal entry level astronomical telescope
- Portable and lighweight table-top design makes it easy to store, transport and setup your FirstScope Telescope
- FirstScope is very easy to observe with, the user simply navigates the night sky by moving the tube in the direction of their desired object
- Stylish and decorative design makes FirstScope a wonderful keepsake for anyone interested in astronomy


Through the brief review above, you can get a brief overview of the two telescopes. Then have you been able to determine which one is better to have? From this brief review, it can be concluded that the winner is Celestron 21023. This telescope product has a higher price than Celestron 21024, so the quality presented is indeed better.

Besides, Celestron 21023 has a lighter weight than Celestron 21024. If Celestron 21024 weighs 4.5 pounds, then Celestron 21023 only weighs 2 pounds. For a portable telescope, the lighter weight will certainly make it easier for you when carrying it everywhere.

Even Celestron 21023 is also a bigger dimension so that the view you can see when trying to aim at an object will be seen more clearly. Although these two products are very slightly different and almost the same, still the Celestron 21023 is easier for beginners to use. This telescope is also one of the best choices for students or children who want to study astronomy.

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